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Foundations of Love Online Course

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Where We'll Meet & What We'll Learn

Courses are Self-Paced

We'll meet online. Students can learn at their own pace through their personal Online Learning Portal with access to instructors via email. Students have the freedom to learn through multiple learning styles including written, video, audio content and creative exercises. Students are encouraged to seek learning as a lifestyle and process for creating change in their lives. In this foundational course we will look at how your brain is hardwired for love. Hardwiring defines much of who you are and how you live. You will also discover that you can change how you love. You can apply what you learn in this course to change broken, lost or damaged hardwiring by engaging in a rewiring process.

Our Story

Foundations of Love, Purpose & Creativity

We are hardwired as humans with foundational needs, such as love, creativity, and purpose. Hardwired for Worship is a division of Hardwired for Life, which is an upstart apostolic learning hub created for the unified reconciliation of love to Father, God and love to others. We believe in teaching and living foundations of love, family, community, worship, and justice. Our goal is to equip and affirm our students through the execution of creative projects and events. Creative endeavors will include various forms of written, visual and audio communication for the new and mature Christian, as well as the non-believer. We live to glorify God while helping people passionately pursue Him, feel valued, and create positive change in their lives.